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Encryption keys

Written Jan 1, 0001


If you want to communicate securely then you can use my PGP key.

Certain applications/contact methods do not require my PGP key, Matrix for example encrypts private DMs sent to me so you should not have to worry.

Here is a link to my PGP key.

pub   nistp521 2022-06-17 [SC]
uid           Leo Gavilieau <xmoo@vern.cc>
uid           Leo Gavilieau <xmoo@privacyrequired.com>
sub   nistp521 2022-06-17 [E]


You should know that I have no idea how XMPP works, especially OMEMO. Gajim says this is my OMEMO fingerprint but I have no idea what that means or what these magic hex spells convey. Still, here is my fingerprint…

D5468E82 E33E6898 30537E9A EF7BFCA5
973FF871 949AA13D 005669C6 6B15D201 


I don’t exactly know how Keybase works, but I do have an account. I will try to keep it updated but Keybase is designed for proprietary services that I do not use.

Here is a link to my keybase profile

Please do not use Keybase’s chat feature (or any other Keybase feature for that matter) to contact me, I only use Keybase for identity verification, and your messages are guaranteed to go unnoticed.

Age, MiniSign etc.

Some people do not have PGP keys, instead they use an unknown or exotic app to handle encryption. I have nothing against using or sending anything to anyone who uses these systems but for interoperability reasons, I will use PGP.

If you see an AGE/MiniSign key claiming to be mine then do not use it. If I had one of these keys then I would put it here. You should not trust any other source beside this page